10 Highest Paying Jobs In India


Who doesn’t want to be rich? Every individual aspires to be affluent and rich. Some fortunate, tend to born with a silver spoon, and some unfortunate, find it difficult to eke out their living. Unaware of the opportunities, many are misleading their career in a quest for lucrative jobs. Some even migrate to foreign countries to earn a copious amount of money. But in India, there are plenty jobs that offer you a fat paycheck every month. Here are some options for you from different genres that might help you in pursuing a good and decent career.


1. Technical Writer


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Technical writers are generally hired for IT companies. Their role is quite different from the content writers. Though their job is to write, they have to write specifically about the technicalities of a certain product or a brand. Their writing should be filled with jargon. So basically, they are termed as professional writers.


2. Chartered Accountants


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Chartered Accountant is one of the highly reputed jobs in India. For this job, you need to be efficient in Accounts, Finance, banking, auditing and should have good command over Business skills. You will have a number of options to choose in this field.


3. Growth Hackers


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Growth Hackers are mostly used for increasing the number of users for a certain product. They work effectively for any new start-ups who want to gain profit rapidly. They help to grow and endorse a business. They use techniques such as SEO, content marketing, website analytics.


4. Investment Bankers


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Any institution or any business man seeks the advice of an investment banker on how to layout their development and achieve financial goals in the required fields. His main role is to sell the stocks and make pivotal decisions on selling bank stakes.


5. Software Engineers


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It is one of the well-known jobs where most of the job seekers prefer to enter the corporate world as it is the best high paying jobs in India. If you get clicked and noticed in this field, then you can never hark back and can merely gain name and fame coherently. The employees must have a good knowledge of computer and its language.


6. Medical Professionals


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In this fast-pacing world, doctors are highly in demand with the increase of various diseases and infections spreading around. It is also one of the noble jobs in India. Both money and fame can be earned with a snap of fingers in this field if you are highly qualified and experienced in the field you opt for.


7. Commercial Pilot


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Though highly paid, it is one of the valiant and challenging jobs in India. There is also a great demand for the qualified pilots especially in the commercial airline sectors, which has been eminent in the field for many years.


8. Marketing Professionals


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Marketing professionals have varied jobs in this field. One can handle advertising whereas the other can get involved in the concept of product (shipping it to the customers). They are very skillful persons who can handle any sought of work effortlessly. There are also high chances of promotion in this field.


9. Business Analyst

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A business analyst is the one who analyzes a sector or any documents in the business and handles the operations in an organization. So, a business analyst has to do various analyses like strategic planning, Business model analysis, process design and system analysis. Any problem in the business can be solved by a business analyst, so they are highly in demand.


10. Relationship Therapists


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This is a new career option in India. In foreign, this profession is quite common. At first, it was just an extension to psychologists, but now it became profession on its own. Relationship problems have become common in India nowadays and the relationship therapists are also in demand to help the couples to extricate from onerous situations.


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