7 Obvious Signs You’re Having A Fake Friend


In everyone’s life, a friend is quintessential where you can share your feelings, lie on his/her shoulder and talk about innumerable things that you can’t do it with your parents. But real friends are very rare to find and if found, you are the luckiest person on the earth. Fake friends will be in and around you but it is very difficult to spot whether he/she is a true friend or a friend of convenience (unless you have x-ray eyes!). So, here are some possible signs to spot a fake friend….


1. If your friend tries to embarrass and mock you in front of others

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Without fun, there is no meaning of friendship. But everything has a certain limit. A limit does exist in friendship. If a friend tries to ridicule you in front of everyone, then that is the most embarrassing situation you face. So better extricate from this type of friendship where your friend feels contented with your mortification.


2. If they underestimate your accomplishments


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There may be times where you get underestimated for several of your works and accomplishments. If this is by your friend’s side, then you should rethink about your friendship. Jealousy and envy are like backstabbing your friendship. A fake friend leaves no chance of belittling your achievements.


3. If they do not respect you and your values


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True friends like just the way you are and they do not show any aggravation towards you; instead, he/she guides you. Everyone has different tastes and so you, if your friend doesn’t respect that, it’s high time you should come out of it. Your values are more important to you, and see that your friends do respect them, though they do not share the same values. Standing alone is better than making false friends around who do not respect you and your values.


4. Notice when your friend ignores you


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We often ignore the one we don’t like to talk with. If this is the case with your friends, then you have to observe in what situations he/she is escaping from or ignoring you. A true friend will always be with you through thick and thins. But a fake friend will be with you only when you will be helpful to him/her and turn his back when you are in need.


5. When your friend always points you for petty mistakes


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A true friend always leads you and guides you even in the lousy situations, unlike a false friend who tries to find a fault in you. A fake friend will be always in quest for pointing out even the trivial mistakes in you and finds a chance to present them in front of others to humiliate you. So, you should be aware of these types of friends who always prick you unnecessarily.


6. When they make false promises


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If your friend constantly says one thing and does another, then you are being fooled. A true friend always beholds the promise forever unlike the false friend who often breaks the promise knowing it hurts you. They do not intend to keep the promises you wish to. Broken promises are fatal as they kill your hopes.


7. When they don’t listen to you


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When you are melancholic, you wish your friend to caress you and listen to your problems. This is the situation where you can easily detect whether your friend is real or fake. You want your problems to be shared and tackled with your friend. A true friend leaves no chance to help you out from the atrocities and listen to you intently. But a fake friend will be least interested in listening to you and makes lame excuses to be out of it.

So, choose your friends wisely and if any of the above signs are pertinent, then you should take no time in obliterating your fake friend right away. And, do remember,” True friends cry when you leave and fake friends leave when you cry”.

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