7 Weird Laws From Around The World That Will Make You Go WTF!

Weird Laws From Around The World That Will Make You Go WTF!

“Laws are meant to follow and rules are meant to break”. This is often buzzed around our ears. Rules are there for maintaining our disciplinary activities. But laws are something legal, if broken, there will be some consequences according to the Government where you may be put behind the bars, or pay penalty etc. The intensity of a law is more than a rule. However, there are some strange laws from around the world that will blow your mind!


1. Changing The Bulb Yourself Is A Crime!


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Generally, when our bulbs stop glowing, we opt for changing another bulb. It is very rare that we call in for an electrician only in the utmost conditions. But there is one such creepy law in Victoria, the second biggest city in Australia where you need to call in a licensed electrician for changing the bulb. If not called in, you will be subjected to a penalty.


2. Do Not Flush After 10!


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Really! Are you kidding? This might be everybody’s reaction right now. But this is the weirdest law that is practiced in Switzerland where you are not allowed to flush the toilet after 10 p.m. in apartments as it is illegal. The Government banned this, for it might lead to noise pollution. But lenience is given to the hotels in Switzerland.


3. No Chewing Gum!


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There is a strict law in Singapore where you are not allowed to chew gums. Yes! This came into force in 1992. And, also one is not allowed to import chewing gums in Singapore. Being illegal, it may land you up in a prison. Spitting chewing gums on the street is totally illegal and you will be charged a fine. This law was enacted to keep cleanliness around.


4. Beware Of Dogs!


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Have you ever made funny faces or tried to imitate a dog? It is quite common, right? But, in Miami, Florida it is totally illegal and you may be jailed for imitating a dog. And, in Oklahoma, America if you dare make funny faces or try to irritate a dog, then you will be directly sent to the jail without any hesitation.


5. Smile Or Face A Fine!


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We smile only at the possible times; when only in an ecstatic mood. In Milan, Italy you are supposed to smile all the time. A frown in your face will lead you to pay a fat fine (Exception at funerals and hospitals).Though bountiful problems hit you; you are compelled to fake a smile in Milan. This will literally make your jaw pain!


6. Forgetting Your Wife’s Birthday is a Crime!


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Forgetting your wife’s birthday is illegal in Samoa and is treated as a crime. Funny right? But this law is passed especially for a woman, as it is the day where they feel elated. Keeping their happiness in mind, the Government ensured this law. And, if by chance a husband forgets his wife’s birthday, he will be subjected to a penalty. (What if a wife forgets her husband’s birthday? Unfortunately, there is no such law for this!)


7. Being Overweight Is Illegal!


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With Japan, we got to know Sumo Wrestling, but a strange law which lets out the irony in that country is; being fat is illegal. A man and a woman above 40 should have a waist size of 32 inches and 36 inches respectively. This can be termed as the healthy law where you can extricate from obesity and diabetes.

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