6 Reasons Why You Should Be Part Of A Society In College

College is scary. And it’s not that Conjuring type scary. It is a different world altogether. From having to change classes and floors after every hour to getting lost in the canteen crowd; not knowing all the teachers, to not be able to keep count of the number of classes you have missed. It is just all so new and intimidating.

As you walk up this amazing journey of your life, you have a plethora of opportunities knocking your door. For every passion you have had, to every new style of yours you want to discover, college life brings it all to you in the form of different societies and departments. So as the old saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, we bring to you 6 reasons why you must be a part of the College Societies for the next 3 years of your life:

college societies


1. You need friends

Friends, who let you copy your notes and put fake attendance, aren’t the only friends you have to hang out with for the rest three years of your life.
College expands your social life and opportunities vividly. It is like finally stepping into the world, the real world. It is all about going out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, going new places and making new friends (who you never know, may become your family someday)

It is amazing to have friends in your class, like old school days but do not restrict yourself to them. Joining societies give you the opportunity to meet a bunch of new amazing people and well for some these societies become family. Cherish this feeling and these memories will keep you warm for years to come, trust me!

2. You get to travel more!

Official college and the department trips, aren’t the only trips you get in college. Being a society member simply means hello outstation (and in the station too) trips. Before you know it, you will be travelling to so many places for so many fests and competitions and win, participating and meeting tons of other people and well it’s crazy. And if the society is big enough then well, you will be having leisure trips of your own too.
Bonus point: Your parents wouldn’t say a thing because it is all college affiliated.  

3. Makes you more responsible than you ever thought you could be

When you become a part of the society, the society too becomes a part of you and your college life. It leaves you with this kind of energy that is truly and effortly infectious and leaves you bumming and beaming all the time. Being a junior and having all these seniors as your mentors and taking their place and positions and mentoring the new comers in the passage of two or three years keeps you upbeat and going all the time.

The feeling of participation and having something so close to you grow each day, makes you feel responsible for it and helps you in making better decisions as well.

4. Shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars

Shahrukh Khan was a part of Hansraj Dramatics Society, Imtiaz Ali founded the dramatics society of his college, Arjun Rampal was a part of the fashion society, Konkona Sen Sharma belonged to the Shakespeare Society… Are you following the pattern here?

Yes, your society can provide you a solid base to hone and craft your skills. It is the platform that makes you reach your full potential and perform beyond that too. It provides you with newer opportunities and experiences, a practice which can and does continue even after you graduate.

5. Stand out from the crowd

Who wants to be a part of it? Nobody right.
None of us want to stay the same always. Growing both personally and professionally is what we aim for every day. And your college society holds the key to it. Being its part lends you soft skills along with the practical knowledge as well. So even if the society you’re a part of doesn’t align with your career exactly (which is doesn’t most of the time), you could still benefit from it by boosting your overall employment appeal. Yes, it really does constitute a killer line on your CV and makes it grow better than the usual CVs.

6. Because it’s there

If it is there and it’s free so why not avail it? Oh and please don’t sue me if they charge you 10 bucks for registration.

For the uninitiated, college societies generally receive sufficient funding from the college, provided you’re a good, hardworking society. Otherwise, roping in sponsors for organizing your society’s fest is a sure-shot way of ensuring the needful. So no need to empty out your pockets and you still get the benefits. It is a win-win situation for all.

So, if you really don’t want to end up as an old, grumpy, regretful graduate, do try it out once! There is always a society out there for everyone. If not, gather like-minded people and start your own!



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