11 Reasons Why Chuck Bass Is The Perfect Boyfriend We All Are Looking For

We all have dreamt our perfect boyfriend. Hoping that he comes out right from the pages of The notebook, or out of the screens from P.S. I love you. We all have him planned in our head: Funny, Charming, Handsome, a bad boy yet a good lover. Whichever poison you pick, you know it’s impossible. Christian Grey does not exist and the love Jack had for Rose is not something you can find on tinder. Yet there is one character is that close to reality and that is Bass, the name is Chuck Bass.

*Spoilers Alert*

I can already see you all girls grin and be head over heels with that name. We all have seen Gossip girl, and know it all about Chuck Bass but for those who (have been living under a rock, and don’t know about Chuck Bass) here is a break down: Chuck Bass is everything. He knew it all, from sweeping all girls off the feet to being a great friend in times of need. He had it all too. From the looks to the charm, to the loyalty and (yes the money too).

So here are the reasons why CHUCK BASS is the boyfriend we all are looking for:

1. He is a man of feelings

So sick of hearing ‘men don’t cry’. Yes, men do cry and we all love a man who is not afraid to show his feelings and own up to it instead.

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2. He is willing to fight for you

The guy who is ready to fight past his insecurities and high headiness for you? YES GIRLS MARRY HIM.

 3. The cheek kisses are something to die for

I can’t even come close to explain how his check kisses just sweep you off. The way he tilts his head, and moves forward… never fails to turn you on. NEVER

4. And the hand kisses

How can anyone just see someone kiss on a screen and feel so strongly about it? Yes, that exactly is what Chuck Bass is capable of.

5. He believes in true love
What else does one want? A guy who believes in true love and fate and in forever too? Can anyone be anymore perfect than this?

6. He values your happiness before his own
He walked off. Because he wanted Blair to be happily married to that douchebag. HE WALKED OFF FROM THE LIFE OF THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, FOR HER HAPPINESS. Such a true gentlemen, wow!


7. That bow tie
He pulls it off, better than anyone I have ever even imagined. I could look at him all day.

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8. He won’t give up

He will fight for you, be there for you and not ever give up on you even if you yourself have. *I cant stop fangirling*

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9. That smirk

If this doesn’t make you fall in love with him, heads over heels; nothing ever can!

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10. He wouldn’t let you question yourself or his love for you

He will be there for you, backing you up and reminding you who you are every time you forget it. He will empower you.

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11. He is Chuck Bass

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Now that we have finished fan girling over him (not really though), its time we wait for our Chuck Bass; the guy who will treat us like he treated Blair, like a queen.

But when will we find our Chuck Bass? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me


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