11 Weird Words We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of, But Felt Them For Sure!

Words never heard before, but felt them for sure!



There are moments in our lives, when we feel something, but are not able to express it in words. We wonder whether there even exists a word in the vast human vocabulary, to express what we feel. Well, let me tell you, there exists a word or a phrase for everything you feel. Yes! English vocabulary won’t have it in any other way. It has incorporated words and phrases from different languages and dialects also, hence, achieving the adjective, “well-equipped” in its correct sense.

So, here is a list of words and phrases which you must not have heard of ever before but, you must have felt them for sure!

1. Syngenesophobia

Syngenesophobia means the fear of relatives. Surprised that there is a word for it?! Haha. Almost all of us have had traces of this phobia, atleast once in our lives! Especially before or during the result season.

2. La douleur Exquise

This means loving someone or something unattainable. It is a French origin word. I personally believe, everyone has suffered from a heart-wrenching pain of loving someone, who is unattainable to us. Next time your heart breaks, don’t be like, “Siyappa ho gaya yaar!” Show your word power with “la douleur exquise”.

3. Querencia

In the Spanish language, Querencia means a bull’s comfort zone. In bull fighting, Querencia is the spot in the ring to which the bull returns because it is safer. So, in non-bull fighting terms, we can say that querencia is a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home, the place where you are your most authentic self. It can be your school, a playground for a sportsperson, a pool for a swimmer etc. Also, Querencia can also be a person.

4. Vorfreude

This, basically is a feeling of intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. Everyone has indulged in daydreaming, during boring lectures etc. Most of our daydreaming includes our future prospects, ie. dreams of having a great job, good bank balance etc. So these daydreams drive us to a state of Vorfreude. In simpler terms, we can say that it is a synonym to our desi phrase, “khayaali pulaao“.

5. Fernweh

This means an ache for distant places. It signifies a crave for travelling. All of us have looked at those beautiful, picturesque, far off places and felt an undying urge to pack our bags and get going on an unplanned journey! No, it’s not madness or dumbness. It’s fernweh.

6. Woolgathering

Next time your professor or boss catches you relaxing or being unattentive, and screams out, “Stop daydreaming!”, smile and say, “I was woolgathering.” Leave it to that. No further explanations of the big yet so simple word, you just uttered. And I’m sure, your taskmaster would be impressed with your word power!

7. Balter

This means to dance effortlessly with enjoyment. One need not dance with grace or skills, but an artless tapping of foot and enjoyment of heart is what is called a balter. Now you have a sophisticated synonym for your slang,baraati dance” or “ Naagin dance”.

8. Eccedentesiast

This means a person who hides their pain and sadness behind a smile. People who fake smiles and repress their pain by wearing a happy face mask are eccedentesiasts. We all know someone (or we ourselves are!) who mask their sadness with a smile on their faces. Here’s to them!

9. Mamihlapinatapai

This is a Yaghan origin word, which basically describes a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would initiate something that they both desire but which neither wants to begin. It means that two people want to initiate a conversation but are reluctant to do so, for some reason. This word, despite being succinct, conveys so many emotions.

10. Dysania

You must be aware of that feeling, the one which you get on Monday, no wait, on every morning of your life where you want to just curl up on our bed and not step out till late afternoon or maybe evening too! Well, you have a word for this feeling now. Dysania is a state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

11. Logastellus

And, if you enjoyed scrolling down your screen, being fascinated by each new word, then I’m pleased to tell you that, you are a logastellus. This basically means a person whose love of words is greater than their knowledge of words. Words are something, that every individual has an affinity to, I believe. Because, everyone wants to know words, the exact words to express their feelings and emotions. So, better be a logastellus than someone who is at a loss for words, quite literally!

And that’s all for this time!

Image Source: Science Daily

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