16 Harry Potter Spells You Need To Know!

Harry Potter series has been our favourite since what? Childhood? Yes. We all love the trio but there are still some charms unknown! Here is a list of curses/chants/jinx/spells you should know!

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The blasting curse. Whoooooosh.


An unforgivable curse….forbidden. It’s the spell of TORTURING!


Disarming spell. Blasts the wand/weapon off your opponent. This is a simple yet major spell all wizards and witches oughta know.


A shield to protect yourself….use this.


Do you want to shove a jet of water on your opponent to make them stumble or fall? This is the spell you’re looking for.

Avada Kedavra

The killing curse. Another unforgivable spell. This, like, kills your opponent.. sad…


Unlocks doors…..?


This has is funny….it turns people’s hair into antlers..!

Arresto momentum

This spell is used to decrease the velocity of a moving object.


Turns the opponent into a bird.


Gives the caster control over another wizard, to whomsoever he says it to.


Severs the object afflicted upon…also skin like how Hermione accidentally does to Ron.


Ignites the tip of the wand, of the caster.


This confuses your opponent (s)….it has been used many times in Harry Potter.


This removes the memory of the person you cast this spell upon.

Wingardium leviosa

Eyyy, this one levitate things! Sounds extremely fun…although who can forget that dialogue between Hermione and Ron….

magic spell of harry potter

it’s Levioooosa, not Leviosaaa

If you’ve read Harry Potter, you know what I mean!

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