Why Is Adolescence A Crucial Period Of Your Life?

Some of us have crossed the crucial years of 13-19, some of us are still in it, and some of us are about to enter this era. When we hit puberty, a lot of things change. We get a lot of uncalled emotions, we feel different, we get self conscious, and so on. Here is a list of (almost all) things that happen when you enter this age.

Feelings of attraction


Normally, when you are between 13-18, you start experiencing certain levels of attraction known as infatuation. It feels just like love, but what do we know about love? In these years, feeling ‘attracted’ to a person in the name of love happens often, and it’s not actually abnormal. Almost everyone feels this, but you should know how to control these feeling so that they don’t reach to a higher EXTENT, when no one can help you.



  1. We get self-conscious and start taking our appearance really, really seriously. Sometimes, we force to get haircuts, sometimes we try to wear a lot of makeup to cover our so-called ‘ugliness’. This kind of self consciousness is pretty common. I encourage all those teenagers, esp girls, that you truly are beautiful just the way you are. It doesn’t matter if your face is not square, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fair face. You are beautiful, so there is no need to ponder over this. Dress like yourself.
  2. Another kind of self consciousness is changing your personality according to what others want. This, too, happens really commonly. Teenagers tend to change their personalities for others. Like, if someone asks you out, you want to refuse, but you think “What if they start teasing me for being a geek? What if they think I’m such an introvert? “. These thoughts come, sometimes, & can lead to personality changes forever. It’s a very bad feeling, to have lost yourself in a race of maniacs.



We feel sad because of a lot of things, and they might not even be real:-

1. Loneliness

Feeling lonely makes one sad, and depressed, and believe me, it’s so hard to live knowing that you’re lonely. Loneliness is not necessarily because of lack of friends.. You may have friends but they exclude you from certain gossips, plays, and overall gathering. If you experience this kind of loneliness, of being alone at times, sitting alone or having no one to talk to, you should just read a book, or write a poem.

2. The ‘feeling’ of being unloved

You know, sometimes you feel like your friends don’t really love you, or your mother doesn’t really love you more than your younger sibling. It’s pretty common. But hey, it’s just an illusion. There might be a little discrimination, but because he’s younger, he’s getting a little more attention that what you’re getting.

Self Sabotage


When teenagers get really, really sad because of bullying, being unloved or anything, they usually hurt themselves. Cuts on their arms, or maybe slit marks on their wrists….It’s all wrong. Please, if you know someone, recommend them to call any suicide helpline number of their country, it helps. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO SELF HARM ever. It doesn’t help.

Out of all these side effects, what’s so important that calls this era a very crucial one? Actually, any wrong decision in THIS age group will result in really, really bad consequences for your future. Most of the bad decisions are taken because of the factors written above.

You should stay safe of these factors. Keep yourself clean and keep working hard and have fun simultaneously. Please read the following line…

If you know anyone who feels suicidal, or if you feel so, please refer to the following numbers and save a life…..one effort from your side can save a life. Thank you so much.


011-23389090 Delhi

Mail- [email protected]

913324637401 Kolkata

Mail- [email protected]

18001807020 Kashmir, they also help people from other states, and medium of conversation is Hindi or English.

Australia: 131114

Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000

India: 8888817666

USA: 18002738255

Please don’t fear calling these hotlines. They help everyone 24/7, and don’t even reveal your identity. Please, please refer this number to your depressed/suicidal friend. Thank you.


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