5 Clever Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Tired of doing things in an usual way? Tired of dealing with things just the way others do?Want to do things in a new, easier and enthralling way? Then, here are some life-hacks that you can use in your day-to-day life:



1. Coconut oil as furniture polish: When it comes to buying furniture polish, it is a nightmare. It’s expensive, has an obnoxious smell and you’re lazy enough to not step out of your house to buy one. Use coconut oil instead. Grab a duster, remove dust from the furniture (if any), now take a piece of cloth and apply coconut oil to it over a small area and rub it. Now what? Just do what you would have to do with a furniture polish if you had one but now you know a good life hack.

2. Make stainless steel utensils sparkle: Your stainless-steel utensils can easily collect grease which makes them dull. To bring back their original sparkling shine, pour vinegar into the bottom of the utensil. Now, set the utensil on high heat until the vinegar starts boiling. After some time, you will notice grease starts releasing from the bottom. Now take it off the stove and place it in your sink and allow it to cool. Now add a little baking soda and scrub a little over the surface of the utensil.

3. Clean your microwave with a lemon: Why do so much hard-work in cleaning your microwave when a lemon can do the same, that too in just a minute? Just take a lemon, cut it into two halves and toss the pieces into the microwave and turn on the microwave for one minute. That’s it! The acidic nature of lemon can easily remove the grease from the surface of your microwave. Now, all you have to do is to wipe away the grease from the inside of your microwave.

4. Whiten your teeth: Whiten your teeth with the help of baking soda and lemon juice. But don’t do this often because the acidic nature of lemon can weaken the enamel of your teeth. Simply put a little baking soda in a cup and add lemon juice to it until you successfully make a thick paste. Now apply the paste to your teeth, wait for a couple of minutes and then brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water.



5. Carry more items in your suitcase: Why carry more than one suitcase or airbag when you can carry all the clothes you want to carry in just one suitcase? This is my personal favourite hack. Don’t fold your clothes in an old-fashioned way. Instead of folding your clothes, just roll them up so that they form a cylindrical shape and place them in your suitcase. Now you won’t have to carry two suitcases as you’re done with one suitcase with all the clothes you wanted to carry!

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