Narnia Alert For The Bibliophiles!

Here’s one, for all those who prefer paperbacks in a world of Kindle!

I am sure, we all have all the famous breathtaking libraries from Italy to Ottawa in our bucket lists, waiting to be struck off ASAP; and well today I bring to you another masterpiece to be added on, and don’t worry this one will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The land of kings, Rajasthan has this treasure buried inside its vast land of desert, heritage, and culture. This library is located 16ft underground in Bhadariya, a small village in Jaisalmer.

With a village having the capacity of about 1500 people, the library holds accounts for over 4000 people and treasures over 9 lakhs books. It is considered as one of Asia’s biggest libraries, making you skip a heartbeat as soon as you are surrounded with its treasure stored behind 562 glass shelves.

The founder of this exceptional infrastructure, Late.Shree Harbansh Singh Nirmal was himself a book lover and a very gentle soul who had collected books from all corners of the world.

Currently, the library is being managed by the Jagdamba Seva Committee – a charitable trust which spends annually over 6lakhs on the continuation and perpetuation of the library.

The library began its collection in 1998, and the numbers just keep growing day by day. It holds a magnificent collection of books on Indian history, culture, atlases, and dictionaries in many different languages. Although the shelves cover all topics, it is a little inclined towards Hindi books and ancient Indian epics and texts, making its way for all scholars, researchers, and geeks to wander in between the corridors surrounded by glass, taking them to another world of fantasy and literature altogether.

Being built below the temple Devi Bhadariya Mata, the building’s marvelous infrastructure will force you to take walk along all the aisles and get your much-needed getaway.

And if you still have doubts believing, that something can be this exciting and peaceful at the same time, well plan your trip to Jaisalmer already!

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