Solitude- The Quality Of An Astute Sapient?


The first year of college is one of the most buzzing periods of the four-year engineering degree course. I was lucky enough to be a part of the buzz during Elixir 2016, the Inter-Year Literary Fest. Furthermore, I was appointed as the Year Representative (YR) of the whole first Year. With help of three other YR’s, I had to select students in their respective field of expertise like Debating, Quizzing, Poetry etc. to represent the First year in the competition. The fest was a hilarious experience, filled with loads of surprises. But one of the most astonishing things took place before the fest, during the debating auditions. We had decided upon having a 30 seconds self-introduction, followed by a general topic to speak on for 90 seconds for the preliminary trials. In order to select the best debater, we took special care of the number of Ahhhs, break in fluency and other intricacies. It was surprising to find out that students having eclectic knowledge pertaining to politics, sports, business etc. with an amazing verbal flow, couldn’t even speak for 30 seconds about themselves. On a scale of ten, their fluency and content during the 90 seconds task could be marked as a 9, but sadly during the self-intro, it fell to a meager 4.

It wouldn’t be gibberish to conclude that these people hardly spend on themselves; they do not know who they are, where their roots lie or what entices them. It further goes on to show the intent to know about the world, without even investing infinitesimal time in discovering their talents, achievements, and hobbies. Moreover, with the advent of social media, people are seamlessly integrated with one another, leaving hardly any time for self-analysis. Seeking solitude is the way one can learn about them and cater to their needs and desires.

What is Solitude?

<Spending time on ourselves is really an integral part of self-assessment and development. Often people associate the desire to find solitude with being lonely, consider it as a regime followed by anti-social people or symptoms of acute depression. Contrary to these beliefs, spending time on ourselves can be a productive activity. I find solitude to be congenial enough, and absolutely love spending time with myself. This makes me a more considerate person, as I am in complete harmony with myself. Testifying all my claims, I would like to take the examples of the great scientist, Albert Einstein. He attributed solitude as one of the key ingredients in helping him develop new inventions.


Why is Solitude important?


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According to me finding solitude is something ineffable. It in every sense makes me an independent person, contrary to modern day trend of finding happiness with the help of others. Being alone for some time often helps me forget about what’s happening elsewhere. Further enabling me to connect to my goals, and develop new ideas to achieve them. There are issues in life which get blown out of proportions and there seems no end to our sufferings. Often it’s that little self-talk with our own self which helps us get out from such a situation. My creativity rises exponentially when I am alone, giving my brain enough time and space to think out of the box.


How do you attain solitude?

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Solitude is a simple enough concept i.e. your mind, body, and soul should resonate at the same harmonious frequency with no noises at all. You do not have to step on to the moon or camp like a sage at the Himalayas in order to attain that peaceful bliss of solitude. Simple stuff like waking up early in the morning and going for a walk or playing with your pet can work amazingly well. If this doesn’t sound exciting to you, you can take up any hobby like playing sports, painting, gardening or any other performing art. Now comes the unorthodox way I get solitude, on weekends I spend an hour taking bath, approximately half of the time goes in standing in front of the mirror and admiring me. After this hour long activity, my body and mind feel relaxed and all week long tensions are gone instantaneously.

Practicing solitude is really-really essential to living a LIFE full of richness and joy.  

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