These 5 Haunted Places Of Delhi Will Scare You To Death

The haunted places of Delhi ?

To all the courageous and fearless folks out there, who don’t believe in paranormal activities must check this out because it might make you intrigued and believe that supernatural activities do exist. And those who believe in them should also read it for their interest. The haunted places mentioned below are the ones which are the most famous haunted places in Delhi. There are speculations that people really have encountered paranormal activities at these places which scared the heck out of them.

Delhi Cantt

The first haunted place is the Delhi Cantonment. It is said to be one of the creepiest sites in the capital. It is said that Delhi Cantt is the hood of a lady ghost, who supposedly got killed in a car accident over there. Many people who have visited the area have come across her over and over again. The lady’s spirit tries to attract the ones who pass by and follows them and then disappears when they look around. It is advised not to stop your vehicle whenever you are passing by that area. You don’t want a ghost lady to come over to you and greet you.

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Jamali-Kamali Masjid

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Another famous haunted site is Jamali-Kamali Masjid, which is situated in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. The place is named after two well-known Sufi saints, who were buried there in 1535. Once you enter the tomb, you will get an eerie notorious feeling. It is said that you will also get to hear various kinds of disturbing sounds calling out to you. These sounds supposedly come from the graves of the Sufi saints. It is not safe to visit the tomb at night or you might get greeted by one of those Sufis.

The Bloody River a.k.a. Khooni Nadi

Khooni Nadi, the name itself suggests that it is a hell of a scary and surreal site.This river flows across Rohini area in west Delhi. It is said that nobody has made it back alive who entered the river. Several people have died in this river. Speculations tell that the deaths might be unfortunate accidents and suicides. Howbeit, the actual reason behind the deaths is still a mystery and nobody knows what lurks in the dark.

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Sanjay Vann

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The big green region near the Vasant Kunj area of south Delhi known Sanjay Van is said to be haunted. This area has many mausoleums of Sufi saints. Broken embankments of Qila Rai Pithora can also be found in the middle of the Vann. Many people have encountered vulnerable and piqued noises like crying and screaming of kids. Many others have seen a lady dressed in white costume lepaking around just the way the Lady Ghost of Delhi Cantt was glimpsed. Sanjay Vann has the oldest banyan and peepal trees which are ideal inhabitation for the ghost.  Would you like to give this place a visit?

Dwarka Sector 9

Employees working in call centres and the beggars have encountered a surreal energy around them whenever they return from their work near New Dwarka sector 9 metro station. They have also seen a lady appearing and vanishing promptly. It is also said that sometimes she starts following the vehicles of those who pass by. Many people find it creepy but again, it is not fictional.

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The courageous ones say that all of these just made up stories by people for amusement. Then why don’t they give these places a visit on Amavas Ki Raat?

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