These Tips Will Help You Enjoy Your High School Years!

Hey, y’all must have wondered after 10 years of your high school era, that yes, you wish you could change something.

Well, instead of letting that time arrive ever in the future, here’s some advice on what you can do to achieve an outstading life.

No fo sho’ amendments

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I know, this sounds really cliche, but here goes. It will be really, really good if you continue to be yourself. I know you’ve probably heard this a lot of times, but hey! This ain’t some random advise. It’s some real guru tip you ought to follow. You find people that (sometimes) are like, “WHAT! You don’t have social media? What a nerd.” or sometimes, “Thanks yoooooo. Wait a sec, why won’t you come to cycle with us after 6:30pm? WHAT A SCARY CAT, NAnana na na”.

I suggest you to simple ignore this, since reacting to these nonsense statements is like, so not needed. You don’t need to change your personality for such issues.

In short, you should not change your attitude towards work and life just so that people start liking you. You’re amazing just the way you are.


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I know this sounds like an advice from a nerd who has all A grades, and the teacher’s pet; but no. Not doing your homework may seem cool, but it’s not actually so cool. On the other hand, doing your homework pays off in your final exams, as

  1. You wouldn’t need to learn your syllabus like maniac
  2. Your notebook neatness and submission marks touch the sky, and
  3. Your PTM goes great!

Friends not baes

Be the regular student. Enjoy with your friends, play with your siblings, do your homework, revise, cycle, exercise, and just take every moment to it’s best in all fields. You don’t need to go head over heels for someone, because if things work out wrong, you ain’t gonna mend that broken heart bud.

Pay attention to your strengths

If you’re a great swimmer, pursue swimming. If you’re great at dancing, go for it. If you like debating, try going for competitions. It’s best if you go with your strengths, as they will help you offer a majority of other careers as a side option. Don’t lose yourself in others’ talents. Join school clubs and make your name in academics, and co-curricular activities both.

Ask questions

ask questions


Don’t let the teacher go forward if you don’t understand a concept. Just ask them to repeat it again and again, explain it again and again until you understand it. This way, you can spend 1 hour with homework, and 1 hour revising these concepts and then the whole day is yours my friend!

Reach out

Help others as well as yourself. Don’t be selfish. You should believe it ‘what goes around, comes around’. You will reap what you sow. Study heard, practise, and reach out to others to help them. Be a good person in life, don’t let negative energies scar your heart. Don’t practice self harm. Reach out to your counsellors if you require help. Reach out and grasp life.

Don’t waste the gift of life you have received. Be grateful for everything you have.

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