These Parrot Species Will Make You Worship Nature!

Nearly, there exist 350 varieties of parrot species in nature. We are most familiar with the green body and red beak. These species of parrots can be easily found in Indian homes. But if you transcend your boundaries, you will find such extraordinary varieties of parrots that it will make you awe-struck and lost in deep thoughts. This list consists of five fantastic parrots and a little brief about them. Read on!

Dusky Lory

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This species of parrot is 10 inches long. The two contrasting shades on their body (black and orange) make them appear unique. They are found commonly in New Guinea. The sad part is that these birds are now under endangered species of birds. The colour combination of these birds is also found in red-black in contrast to the orange black. The red black is clearly visible from distance due to striking hues and would make you remember burning black coal. These birds are kept as pets in Japan as they are found there in large numbers.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

sulphur crestged cockatoo

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They are found in abundance in New Guinia and Australia. They are considered as pests in some areas. They have a long life. If kept in captivity, they can live up to seventy years. But in wild, they survive for 20-40 years. They are naturally very curious and intelligent. Moreover, these remain very loud in their sound and that is due to the natural habitat in which they have been living.

Electus Parrots

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Mesmerizing in appearance and great pet quality are two of the main attributes of these parrot species. The interesting thing regarding these creatures is that the male and female gender can be easily identified. The male bears striking green colour and the females have a red body. The breeders found very lately that the females have red colour and the males are green. They put males with males for many years and were disappointed with no breeding results for very long!

Scarlet Macaw

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They are really large. Varying from 30 to 35 inches in size, these lovely birds have such a colourful body that watching them fills your eyes with happiness. Their striking appearance is something one just cannot ignore. They have tinges of blue, green and yellow but the main colour that fills their body is red. The contrasting shade of white on its beak among so many colours on the body of this bird looks like a cherry on the cake. They make an extremely high squeaky sound to call their groups from distance. This is the reason they aren’t considered good for aviary by many. Having said that, the beauty of this bird is so alluring to look at that people make a compromise with their sound in many cases and do keep them in their homes. This species of parrots are costlier than others.

African Grey

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One look at this parrot species and you will feel the grace due to the amazing quiet colour of their body. And yes, they can talk. These birds are very intelligent but are also one of the most emotionally sensitive ones. They can develop emotional weakness if they are separated from their owners which can even kill them. These pets need special care and they need to be kept outside the cage for sometimes. Keeping them in captivity reduces their development and growth and can also lead to abnormal behaviours.

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