Those Dates That Were Supposed To Be The End of Earth…

How many times have we witnessed the news reporters rant about a particular date being the HOLY end of Earth? I sure have. All the dhongi babas, fake personalities and idle persons want publicity. And the best solution they find is DECLARING ANY RANDOM DAY, THE END OF EARTH. It’s boring, but once the common man hears such news, they leave everything and pray. Talk about people in Titanic which were about to die.

Here is a list of dates that were supposed to be our last day…..on earth.

The Great Disappointment


William Miller predicted that the world would end in 1843…..then 1844. His entire swarm of followers reacted in different ways. Some lost faith in him, while some waited for another year to be declared by him, and check whether the EARTH would actually end.

Halley’s Comet Tail 1910

halley's commet tail


Halley’s comet tail crosses the Earth, and people created a chaos about all of us dying because of cyanogen gas.

End Times Prophecies

end time prophecies


The End Time Prophecies once declared that the world would end on July 29, 2016; because of something called a ‘solar flip’. It was a total fail. Legit, a total bust. The supposedly ‘solar flip’ turned out to be a natural phenomenon, and…..a not-so-dangerous one.

The World’s Annihilation

eBible Fellowship, a Philadelphia-based Christian website predicted the end of Earth in correlation with blood moon. They claimed that according to what the Bible is predicting, October 7 will actually be the day in which the world will pass away. Forever. No rebirth. Annihilated. POOF.

DEC 21, 2012

This date needs no introduction. You may not know the history behind how it was formulated, so here goes. The ancient Mayans followed 3 calendars, out of which one ended on December 21, 2012. This is what laid the groundwork of all this hoopla. People partied, celebrities tweeted, exams were flunked since they were supposed to be the last ones and the Mayans chuckled.

As far as Earth’s destruction is concerned…..

As far as the death of Mother Earth is concerned, I believe – That which begins, has to end someday.

The destruction of earth could be in 6 seconds or 6 billion years, but how does it even matter? From all these false predictions, the only thing we learn is that we should live today to the fullest. Die young, but die smart. So, study, play and enjoy. Don’t worry about the end of Earth.


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