Truth Revealed!! Here’s The truth About Team 10 On YouTube!

Whenever you go for a potty-break, study break or just surf YT; you find some trending videos, that are made by famous vloggers, mostly.

Did you know that some really famous Vlogger has been in jail?

Did you know that one of them tried to commit suicide? Nooooo?

You need us. Read this article and improve your YT knowledge.

Jake Paul

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YouTube star Jake Paul has nearly 10 million subscribers. Is he really worthy of that fame?

His fame began with Vine, but unfortunately, did not end with Vine. By the time he was supposed to go to college, he was already making 6 figures. So it was pretty natural for him to drop higher education. He chose vlogging stardom.

Why is he hated?

Well, first of all, he kicked his ex-half girlfriend out, where she did not even have an apartment to go to. All she asked of him was, like, 3 more days, for her apartment to get ready. He didn’t pay attention to her needs and kicked her out. Literally, what sort of a man does that?

Secondly, he wasn’t at all grateful for his brother Logan Paul. Logan made Jake’s career as a YT star and actually helped him read his lines when he was little. Yet, Jake failed to show love, only dissed Logan in 2 out of 5 of his videos.

Also, he knowingly bullied two former members of Team 10, the Martinez twins.

Here’s Logan’s reply to Jake insulting him. I recommend you to listen to the whole song (with subtitles).

Watch this AWESOME video…

Erika Costell

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Jake Paul’s wife (?) (people are saying they divorced but nothing’s sure for now…).

Erika is also a Vlogger, and, believe it or not, she has 3,653,334 subscribers, which a certain amount of people believe, gotten under Jake’s influence. No one would follow her for her videos, I’m sure. Yea, she might’ve earned a major part of her subscribers because of her looks. I agree, she’s really pretty.

Why is she hated?

Well, in most of her videos, she keeps trying to show Jake in the dim light. Other than that, people believe that she dated Jake only to get his subscribers, and now that she’s almost to 4M, she doesn’t give a flying cookie about him.

Chance Sutton

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He was born in Lakewood, Ohio and grew up with a brother and three sisters. He dated former Team 10 member, Tessa Brooks but later broke up. He then started dating Alex DeLena, as a few people claim.

He appears to be a pretty nice bloke.

His Instagram followers are about 3 million.

Tessa Brooks

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Alissa Violet

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