Why Graduates With Good GPA Fail To Get A Job?

What makes graduates unable to get good jobs although they did their graduation with good GPA?

Several students get graduated each year from various fields such as engineering, management, hotel management, law and many more. Not everyone has got the same adroitness and skills as others do, that’s evident. Each person has got his own unique traits. So, in terms of graduated students, each student is different. But not everybody manages to get a good job even though they had graduated with good GPA. What’s the reason behind that?

The reason is simple: lack of jobs, over-demanding companies, pressure on students. Another crucial reason which is responsible for this is the college or the university from which the student gets graduated. If it is not a reputed and decorated college, then he is most likely to not get a good job because these companies stay glued to big and reputed colleges only.

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Lack of jobs: Each year, there are much more students who get graduated and seek for jobs in comparison with the number of jobs presently available. So, not everybody manages to get a good job even though their colleges or universities had promised them to get them one. That’s the only reason which impedes the development of our nation because there are so many young talents sitting back at home, unemployed.

Over-demanding companies: companies want students with excellent and sublime oratory skills, good personality, critical thinking, professional mind etc. the question which arises here is, does everybody possess these skills? The answer to this is a big NO. Every person is different and has a unique talent that others might not have. But since the companies want students with the above-mentioned skills only, thus, students don’t get a good job even though there was the availability of jobs. As for example, let’s suppose there’s a very bright student who is excellent in every aspect but happens to be an introvert. There’s a big chance that he won’t get a good job because of his shy and introvert nature. That’s a major drawback of companies that they deliberately neglect young talents just because they wanted the student to possess the above-mentioned skills.

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Pressure on students: Let’s assume that a student wants to work on his personality and oratory skills in his college life. Will he be able to do so? I don’t think so. The reason is that he will remain bound to internals, externals, practical and theory exams, hectic time-table, assignments and internships and will be unable to save time to work on his personality and oratory skills.

Our nation needs to change its system so as to improve its economy and help the nation get developed because these youngsters are the future of our country.

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