5 Actresses In The Movie “Heroine” Whose Beauty Left Number Of Mouths A Gape!


Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie “Heroine” was one of those movies which created curiosity at the peak among cine goers before its release. People waited with great excitement. Kareena Kapoor Khan was at the top of her game during the time this movie came. Her looks and costumes from the trailer had created lots of stir before its release. However, there were some actresses in the movie apart from Kareena, whose beautiful faces and stunning personalities had made a very special place in the heart of the audience. Read on and recall them!


1.Pallavi Sharda as Gayatri


Stunning to look at, she played a role of ‘Gayatri’ as a tough competition for Kareena in the movie. Her expressive eyes stole many hearts. Her acting was also appreciated particularly in the scene where she was about to perform in the award ceremony. After this movie, she starred against Ranbir Kapoor in the movie ‘Besharam’.


2.Shilpi Sharma Isha


Portraying a character of “Isha”, wife of a superstar in the movie, she was the epitome of how wives of superstars are in contemporary times. Her sharp features made her character come alive and the way she expressed sarcasm was another thing to be admired in the flick.


3.Pooja Chopra as Shaheen Khan


Pooja Chopra played Shaheen Khan who was a fresh face in the film industry in the flick. Her character showed how conveniently newcomers in movie industry replaces the old one. She had a small role in this film but despite this, she showed her acting prowess in a full-fledged manner. Later she was cast in the movie “Commando” opposite Vidyut Jammwal.


4.Rashmi Nigam as Zara



Being a wife of a superstar is not easy and Rashmi Nigam’s portrayal of this character clearly showed it in the movie. She had brief appearances but this beauty queen looked so gorgeous that she stole the scenes from Kareena Kapoor at places!


5.Shahana Goswami as Promita

There are actresses behind the stars and ‘real movies’ behind the corporate ones! Shahana played the role of an actress whose acting chops are well recognized but still, she was not a superstar. When ‘Mahi’ lands to do a movie which required ‘heavy lifting’ she comes to terms with the fact that acting is a tough job. Her role was really difficult to pull off and she did it with finesse.


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