5 Celebrity Chat Shows That Were Immensely Popular!


What do our celebrities do? How do they do? And, everything else related to them intrigues us! How they are in real life and as a person is something we want to know all the time. To know all of this, reality chat shows have really helped us. Here I bring some of them, which have helped us to know our celebrities better!


1) Rendezvous With Simi Garewal!



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Simi Garewal is known as the queen of celebrity chat shows in India! She was the one who introduced us to the chat show known as “Rendezvous’’ which used to be aired on the International television channel. Inviting celebrities from Indian to International platform, this show was the pleasing initiative which offered viewers to peep inside the lives of our loved and revered celebrities!


2) Koffee With Karan On Star World India!


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Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee With Kran’ is intrusive( by his own admission) and is among much-watched chat shows in India. This show by its peculiar ways have stirred up the hornet’s nest many times, and have landed itself into controversies! Despite all this, viewers are always glued to their screens when this show airs, as its intrusive nature and vibe is the crux which has always hooked the audience!


3) Vogue BFFs On Colors Infinity!


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When it comes to celebrities (especially of Bollywood), then it is just impossible to not think about their camaraderie they share! It is a revelation to know with whom our celebs share the best camaraderie and the gift of knowing this fact has been brought to us by this show. Celebs are invited on this show with their best friends and there, they tell about all goof-ups that we remain curious to know!


4) Grey Goose Born Stylish On Colors Infinity!



High in style, this is the chat show which unearths the style secrets of our celebs. From Liza Haydon to Fawad Khan, everyone has told things to us on this show, which has revealed pleasant secrets about their favourite brands and style quotient!


5) Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable!


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After the huge success she received by her sugar coated chat show ‘Rendezvous”, there was a huge demand for the chat show by Simi Garewal in recent times. So, she was there with another chat show called “Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable’ but this time it was limited to Indian celebrities. The main attraction that added to this show was the ways by which audiences took part in the show, which told us the humans behind the starry image of our celebrities!


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