5 Patriotic Movies You Must Watch On Independence Day

Independence day has come and people are full of excitement and zeal. On 14th and 15th August, it is impossible for India and Pakistan not to get struck by the fact that both the countries would have been celebrating their freedom together if borders were not drawn. However, let us take a look at some movies which showed the content of India’s freedom struggle when borders between India and Pakistan were not drawn.


Cricket fans and Amir Khan lovers are crazy about this movie. The dialogue,“Sarat Manjoor Hai” of Amir Khan is still fresh in our minds. The film showed how Indians showed Britishers that skin colour cannot define the capability of a person. This flick displayed egoistic minds of Britishers, who were so hurt after losing the challenge of cricket match from Indians that they left the place they were living at, for they were unable to digest their defeat against India.

2.Rang De Basanti

This movie blurred the lines between past and present in a stupendous manner. Throwing light on the fact that no matter how ‘befikre’ youths in contemporary times are when it comes to taking responsibility for the nation, they take stand and can even die for their motherland.

3.The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

Ajay Devgn’s performance as Bhagat Singh will always remain etched in the minds of every Indian. He not only played the martyr but also became ‘Bhagat Singh’. Showing how young Indian gave his life for the country, this movie makes mouth dry and eyes full of moisture!

4.Mangal Pandey

The revolt of 1857 is the crux of this movie. Amir Khan’s acting did not falter anywhere in the entire film. Moreover, this movie literally awakens the anger as we see ‘firangis’ misbehaving with Indian soldiers.

5.Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero

Who can forget “tum mujhe khoon do, mai tumhe azaadi dunga!”. Bose was the person who formed an army of Indians against Britishers and in this movie, Sachin Khedekar did complete justice to the titular role. The ‘Purna Swaraj’ speech given by the actor in the flick is one of the highlights of the movie.


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