Aishwarya Rai Dispels Amazing Facts During Her Melbourne Visit!


She has been a queen of Bollywood who now, also turned into an international superstar. She is an inspiration for females for over twenty years. Aishwarya Rai is a proud mother today, who is doing justice to her role as a mother and as an actress. During her visit to Melbourne, in an interview, she has touching facts to tell us which I present here to you!

Q) How did she feel when she was chosen to be ‘first Indian woman’ to hoist the Indian flag in Melbourne?

A) The actress says she was overwhelmed when she got to know that the ‘Melbourne Film Festival’ team has chosen her for this auspicious work.

Q) Aaradhya (her daughter) accompanied her for flag hoisting! Was it planned?

A) The actress smiles and answers this question saying that ‘she just wanted to see me off to the airport but luck had its way and she came with me to attend the film festival’.

Q) Being a mother of a daughter, how does she perceive the world we live in as it is the 70th year of our Independence?

A) To this sensitive question the actress replies calmly by saying that she has not been brought up by her parents as a daughter, she has always been brought up like their ‘child’ and that is how she is raising her little one. The actress also adds that even today some patriarchal values are so deeply engrained in minds of ‘Indians’ that they do not even realize it. Here we should gently educate each other and make things clear.

Q) What does she think about heights that ‘Indian Cinema’ has attained?

A) Expressing her thankfulness for the kind of work she has been offered in Bollywood, the actress says that she is glad that today Hindi Cinema is recognized at a global level and also emphasize the happiness over actors venturing into Hollywood.


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