Ajji Movie Review: A Powerful movie but not for bleak hearted!


This is the fifth movie which is set in the backdrop of rape-revenge saga apart from Boomi, Maatr, Mom and Kaabil. But the big difference among these films and Ajji is that Ajji is not fantasized anywhere. It is dark, uncomfortable and so undeniably true that it will make you invest in it. This is the story of a grandma who devises a brutal and painful punishment for the perpetrator who rapes her ten year old granddaughter. Director Devashish Makhija has done this film so well that even an earthquake outside the theatre would not let your attention waver from the movie.


The perpetrator in the film is a politician’s son who is powerful and sex maniac. In one scene he violates a mannequin which gives us an idea through what extent of brutality the ten year old victim (played by Sharvani Suryavanshi) has gone through. When the family goes to file a report, they are warned and dissuaded by the cop and are forced to keep in mind the fact about the extent power and money that the criminal posses. The parents of the victim reluctantly take the decision to wrap the matter fearing for the aftereffects but her grandmother does not give up. Gradually, she gathers her strength and decides to take the matter in her own hands by planning a cold-blooded punishment.


Sharvani has delivered a terrific performance as Maanda (the victim) but the heart of the film is Sushama Deshpande as revenge seeking grandmom. Her expressions are so real that it make viewers believe in her strength and conscious. The settings of the movie are real and palpable to utmost extent. The frames are designed with care and mirror reflections are put to the best possible use. The movie will unsettle you and will take time to get out from your head. Brace yourselves and do not go if your heart is emotionally bleak!

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