Aksar 2: Trailer Does Not Promise To Show Anything New!


Recently, the trailer of Aksar 2 has been launched but seemingly it is not getting the expected attention. Moreover, the stir which Emraan Hashmi and Udita Goswami created in 2006, is not at all seen here. Undoubtedly, Zareen Khan is the perfect amalgam of ‘beauty and hotness’ in the visuals here, but that has been already seen in her last released Hate Story 3.

By watching the trailer of this upcoming thriller, it is evident that the sense of sameness is seeping in and there is again a big chance that this flick is going to be labelled as one of those films that try to uplift its presence by showing glamour in cliché stories. The case seems more dangerous here as the ‘hotness quotient’ and ‘floral bikinis’ are not grabbing eyeballs! The reason is the repetition of looks which Zareen Khan is subjected to.

On the positive side, the thing that has created little impatience is ‘Lillete Dubey’s’ appearance. Her shiny grey hairs and long nighties have created curiosity to some extent. Gautam Rode looks impeccably charming and we see him bare-chested many times in the trailer (obviously to admire his ripped body). But looks like the muscles and abs are unable to camouflage the weakness of the flick which is evident from the trailer itself. Locations are another factor that is adding to the weariness! The dark environment and melancholic weather are no longer going to make it up for holes which are ‘visible’ clearly.

Dialogues in the trailers appear ‘old and withered’ and the traditional background score does not seem to do much to save the ‘sinking ship’ of Zareen’s movie career! Disguised rivalries and ‘heroic’ style plot no longer attract the masses. Choice of the Indian audience is tilted towards coherence, which presumably will not exist in the flick. Let us wait and watch what this film has to offer more!

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