Arjun Kapoor On Nepotism: I Am Not Apologetic On Being From Film-Fraternity


If we look at Arjun Kapoor’s journey in films, we see that he has carved a niche for himself through his eight films. The actor says that he wants to dabble in every genre of roles and does not want to be pigeon-holed at all! In a recent interview, ahead of his upcoming release ‘Mubarakan’, the actor was asked about his viewpoint about the ‘nepotism’ brawl that is raging in Bollywood, he simply said that he is proud to be from film-fraternity but that does not mean that he has a ticket to success.!

On the work front, Arjun is discussing a lot about his upcoming releases and the types of films he wants to do. He further goes on to say that he wants to be an actor who would appeal to every household in India.He wants to be counted among ‘heroes’, who can connect to every type of audience that our country has. Moreover, he said that tags like ‘sophisticated’, ‘macho’, ‘rustic’ and ‘urban’ should not remain with an actor, as these tags limit the creativity of an actor thereby, reducing the full capability of an actor to play different roles, it’s time to get rid of such tags.

When Arjun was enquired about his choice of different roles, he replied by saying that the choices he made were not with the motive of creating any image. In fact, he is an actor who wants to be known as ‘the actor without any image’. Every role he chose was different from the other (regarding all his eight films) because he wanted to present himself differently, each time he came on celluloid. In addition to this, the actor also tells that he lays great emphasis on producers. Even if he decides to experiment with a role of new genre, he makes sure that the producer’s money does not go down the drain if the flick fails at the box-office. This is the reason he approaches all his roles giving them 100% commitment and this is one of the reasons Arjun has never faltered on screens yet. His latest release ‘Mubarakan’ is going to hit theatres on 28th July 2017!

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