Atif Aslam Is Getting His Fans Steeped In Deep In Emotions With This Song!

A new ditty from the movie ‘Qarib Qarib Single’ has recently launched and this lilting soundtrack is received well by the music lovers. While the trailer of the movie was drenched in bubbliness and craziness, this song “Jaane De” is entirely different. From a flick like this, it was not expected that it will have a song which will touch feelings in a dense manner but here we have this song.

The song is mostly captured in slow motion where the two leads (Irfan and Parvathy) are seen reminiscing about the good times they spent together. It shows that they are not together anymore and have parted ways but are longing for each other in the manner that was not expected by both of them. There is also a new fashion statement in the visuals that are made by Atif Aslam and is noticeable very blatantly. He is seen sporting ripped denim jeans and is arguably the first male to adopt this fashion trend which was popular only among females up till now.

Coming back to the ditty, Atif Aslam’s voice has done wonders to bring the genuine feel and an emotional heft to the track. The lyrics are awesome and they have been brought to life by the alluring voice of Atif. This flick is slated to release on 10 November 2017. Do watch!

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