Baadshaho Review: Good-Looking Faces Pulling Of Mediocre Action Sequences


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A truck full of quintals of gold has to be captured by novice trouble-makers is the actual point in Baadshaho. Appears like a good idea on paper but turned out to be a ‘slog’ on-screen. Director Milan Luthria has given us awesome films like ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ and ‘Dirty Picture’ and because if these movies expectations with Baadshaho were sky-high. When a ‘maharani’ refuses advances of a politician (which totally hints at Sanjay Gandhi) he decides to go after her wealth and this is the point where high action sequences and ‘dialogue-Bazi’ start surfacing in the movie. This is the second movie in recent times where a late politician, Sanjay Gandhi, is taken to be the subject of a potshot.

The flick took more than an hour to come into action because the director spent way too much time giving each character a ‘heroic entry’. Most notable of it being Vidyut Jammwal, who for no reason is naked while travelling in a train. Jail breaks, shootouts, and twists (which can be spotted from distance) are all in the movie. One question which has no answer is why the whole quantity of gold was melted into gold pallets if the answer is to shift them more easily, then the initial gold (coins and jewellery) too could have been transported in the same manner! The other scene which became subjected to unintentional comedy is when ‘maharani’ (portrayed by Illeana D’Cruz) starts digging in her heels and chiffons in a mud field, to show local farmer that she cares for her local people.

The action is only serviceable and the actors are in ‘automatic’ mode in the whole flick. The effort taken in the film seems like laughable and full of contrivances. On the positive side, Sanjay Mishra is the one who has evoked genuine laughs and an item number by Sunny Leone has gathered attention. If you want to see good-looking faces doing mediocre action sequences, this film will entertain.

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