‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ Review: A Sweet Comedy Garnished With The Purity Of Hearts!


Sweet comedy which is having a base as small town milieu and garnished with the purity of hearts!

Bareilly Ki Barfi is a flick which is simple but it is elevated by the strong performances of the characters. Director Ashwin Iyer Tiwari takes us to the busy streets of Bareilly where we are introduced to our protagonist ‘Bitti Mishra’ played by Kriti Sanon. Her character seems like a distant cousin of Kangana Ranaut‘s ‘Tanu Weds Manu 1’ as she is free-spirited and bold in an exact manner. As portrayed in most of the Hindi movies, Bitti is the rebel from a small town who refuses to fit in the norm and leads life by her own choice. She hangs out with guys, drinks, smokes and refuses to be a ‘coy-bride-to-be’ when she is asked about her virginity!

Pankaj Tripathi as Bitti’s father is one of the most lovable characters in the film. He is the father who has raised his daughter with all the freedom who, people in ‘small towns’ provide only to the son. But her mother is exactly antithetical in nature! She is involved in the mismatched views and conflict with her daughter, but even after that, she holds her image of ‘angry bird’ yet a ‘loving mother’. What adds colour to the movie is Javed Akhtar’s narration, which is stupendous. His words completely bring the quotient of ‘Indianness’ and average Indian family, which this movie actually needs to be.

The plot kicks in when Bitti struggles to find the author of the novel she accidentally gets, as the main heroine of the novel is exactly like ‘her’ in nature. Here the fight between Rajkummar Rao and Ayushmann Khurana begins to woo the girl. Rajkummar Rao is a versatile actor and played his part with finesse. Having said that, Ayushmann is also a worthy competitor here in the flick. The landscape and the feel blend perfectly in the movie if we talk about locations. The minor hiccup is only at some places where characters are a bit exaggerating, but that is camouflaged by the jolly factor associated with the movie and a clever writing. It is entertaining and lovely, give it a try!

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