Blackmail Movie Review: Irfan Khan Rescues The Film Brilliantly

Blackmail is a movie which is not about just ‘a blackmail’ but about so many people with many blackmailers which are handled by each blackmailer in an ‘arm-twisting’ manner. There is a big chance that a plot of the film is completely guessed by the viewers as the trailer of the movie has literally revealed more than needed. Irfan Khan has played a normal middle-class man whom we encounter on a daily basis. He is a guy stuck in a torturing job and pending bills. His character is really relatable and the motion of the flick is set as soon as this man one day returns home early from the office and finds his wife cheating on him. Since it is a loveless marriage, he does not kill the lover of his wife or beats his wife in rage, instead finds the idea of paying his bills by deciding to blackmail his wife’s lover!

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The aura in which the scene is set is interesting as it has shown middle-class people and their life in a big city. Kirti Kulhari is good in her role but could not do much because her part is not written to do any great on-screen. On the other hand, her himbo lover played by Arunoday Singh generates some genuine LOL moments. Especially in the scenes where his wife, played by reliable Divya Dutta dominates him whenever they both share screens.

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The flaw in the movie is Omi Vaidya who played Dev’s (Irfan Khan’s) boss. His melodramatic character might be little off-putting. The time given to him to share screen space with any of the actors in the movie is a complete slog and has done all the negativity to the film. Like in other movies where we have witnessed Irfan Khan saving the movie from drowning, here he does it too. His expressions and acting skills rescue the film from derailing. The way he did justice to his role and made audience believe in the dark comedy which is worth watching. The pacing is very long but it is only due to the sheer strength and acting skills of the lead actor that has made the film worth watching!

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