Candid Talk With Rajkummar Rao:It Is Not An Irony To Be A Star, Says The National Award Winning Actor

Rajkummar Rao reveals how does he manage to be at the top of his game!


He has proved himself time and again by bringing his acting chops to the table. His movies have been critically acclaimed. He holds a National Award under his wing and people remain intrigued about what he would present next to the audience. Rajkummar Rao is not just a successful actor but a diligent and extremely disciplined as a person. Here, I bring five questions which will disclose a lot about his work, his upcoming projects and the regime he follows to be at the pinnacle of his career!

Q) Why is he seen going at places wearing a hat nowadays?

A) The actor is hiding his look of his upcoming project which is based on the life of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, in which he is playing the titular role. Sources reveal that he has shaved off his head to be in the total feel of the character. It has been disclosed that in one of his recent interviews, the actor said that he never had hesitation to shave his head because actors should do whatever it takes to become a character entirely and should not at all brag about it!

Q) How does he manage to keep realism of his characters so intact?

A) Ask him this and the actor immediately replies saying ‘we all are humans and I do not believe that someone has come from another planet’. Emphasizing the fact that he keeps his roles very humane (as it is his forte in acting), Rajkummar feels that this is how he strikes a correct chord with his viewers keeping the authenticity of the character intact!

Q) 2017 seems like his year having most of his releases which include Newton, Behen Hogi Teri etc. Seven movies up till now, how did he manage himself for so many releases?

A) The National Award winning actor calls it to be mere coincidence that he did seven movies by now. It was never planned anywhere in his mind. A number of flicks do not matter to him, he believes in the quality of work and he plans to work on only one movie in two years in future, once he gets a substantial fan following for doing it.

Q) In one his movies he geared himself up for a role of a terrorist, how does he connect himself with a role which is negative to such an extreme limit?

A) Ask him this and the actor frowns a little bit saying that it is a very tough process to play someone from dark world and do complete justice to that character. As an actor, he had to think like that terrorist (whose role he played) and had to believe in his ideologies which he did. Adding to this, he said that it was not a good experience because after delving deep into such a dark character, he started liking evil things and terror attacks and it took a great amount of time for him to come out of that persona.

Q) As he told that it took time for him to come out of the character of a ‘terrorist’, is there any such disposition whose part is still in him?

A) It is difficult for actors to come out of persona of characters, especially when they give so much to them. Many of his characters had stayed with him for a long time after his shoots got wrapped up but with time, he managed to get over them by being around people he remains with off-screen.

Q) You are always easy to relate to and most of the ‘stars’ do not have that quality. Does he feel that so called ‘stars’ lack ‘real’ acting skills?

A) It is not an irony to be a star, says the actor. It is sometimes destiny which can label one as a ‘commercial actor’ whom people expects to be glamorous each time they come on screen. So, it is a choice of the actor sometimes and sometimes the demand of people for the actor to be in a certain manner.

Well, it was fabulous to know Rajkummar Rao as an actor and as a person. We wish him all the best for his film career!

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