Chef Movie Review: It Has An Ample Bang For Your Buck!

Adaptation of the Hollywood flick by the same name which was about a married guy with a kid, whose life choices were forced to be reshuffled (due to circumstances), when he found no embrace for his culinary skills. Despite being a remake, the writers did not do a copy-paste job. In fact, the makers captured the authenticity if two cultures (Keralian and Punjabi) in an amazing manner. Moreover, it will feel like the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ character of Saif Ali Khan has now grown up. Locations are captured beautifully and it is the stuff which only an expert DOP team could have done! Mentioning of Keralian food is surely going to make every person from that place go through nostalgic moments. The way jokes are put up are genuinely funny and not hammy at a single place in the entire flick.


Talking about the performances, the actress Padmapriya is one if the most renowned Malayali actress but her role here did not require any heavy lifting. Young Svar Kamble too played his part with finesse as a child who is desperate for his father’s affection and attention. One scene which will surely command your attention is the dining table scene, where three generations sit together and that shot explains what priority does food has in their lives and how could it even divide them.


The only flaw with the flick is that the film which has food as one of the pivotal points of the flick has very little of it. Also, the pacing is slow at some places and may make viewers yawn. Overall, it is the movie which should be watched as it is about a marriage, father-son relationship and food, which has its special place!

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