Daddy Movie Review: Arjun Rampal Did Complete Justice To His Role

Daddy is authentic and Arjun Rampal did complete justice to his role!

Daddy was one of the most awaited movies due to its subject which is based on the life of real life gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli. The flick opens with the scene of the 1970s which takes us through the entire journey of Gawli’s life narrating how and why he stepped into the world of crime till his final 2012 court conviction. Director Ashim Ahluwalia has created the real and grimy landscape of Mumbai where all factories are shutting and people are becoming jobless. The aggression of natives are evident because of such mishaps and it has been captured with utmost genuine manner. Looks like the director has a great obsession with Mumbai’s gangster times and his earlier national award winning film ‘Miss Lovely’ which was released back in 2012 bears testimony to the aforementioned statement and through this film, he proves it yet again.

How this highly feared gangster turned into a respected political figure is captured with finesse through sneaking cameras. The scenario and environment filled with bright and cheap lights set the mood of the film of the authentic time in the best manner. Costumes and set designs too are excellent and these opening sequences brought this film to sky-high expectations.

On the downside, the aging of Arjun Rampal is the thing that does not appear convincing and it looks like only costumes have been changed to show him aged (no change in his looks). Some scenes which have shoot outs have tried to jolt the audience but for some reason got unable to do so. Having said that, overall, the movie is worth a watch and should be given a chance as Arjun Rampal’s diligence demands attention in this flick!

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