Darkest Hour Movie Review: Oscar Bait Is Everywhere In This Great Film!

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Darkest hour has all the contents which are allured by Oscar judges. There is a huge possibility that Gary Oldman, who has portrayed the role of Winston Churchill, would get an Oscar for the best actor due to his great performance in this movie. It’s not only the acting prowess of Gary Oldman which sticks Oscar bait to this film, but also director Joe Wright and writer Anthony McCartin have transcended the boundaries of excellence with their works through this movie. This film is about an unforgettable British Primi Minister, Winston Churchill. The awesome production of the film, the impressive soundtrack by Dario Marion Le that took the audience to the time these events unfold. Also, the camera work is handled with such a finesse by Joe Wright that it made viewers cry and laugh within few seconds of a gap. The long tracking sequences and overhead shots being favorites of Joe, he has used them to the best possible use in this flick.

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This flick is a simple story-telling but the movie never for a second lose the grip. Old Man sat for 4 hours each day for his make up which bears a testament to his patience and dedication and also to the talent of the make-up artist. He lost himself and became this plump guy who is old, plump, rigid but also loving. The role of Clementine (Churchill’s wife) is played by elegant Kristin Scott Thomas proclaims that he is a man like others but undoubtedly he is not. A scene where we get introduced to Churchill unfolds at a place where he is howling orders, having a lunch with wine and reduces his secretory to tears.

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This is a film which shows the first month of 1940 which was the beginning of Churchill’s time as a Prime Minister where western Europe was surrounded by the dangers of getting collapsed. This was the time when Dunkirk had more than 300.000 soldiers trapped and Hitler’s iron-strong army was marching towards England.The movie is an inspiring drama and a culmination of the film is superb. The only mushy stuff in the movie is when Churchill finds strength in the common London people. There is enough to enjoy and the film should not be missed!

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