Esha Gupta Goes All “Less”: She Is Too Hot To Handle In Her Latest Photoshoot

People Are Going Berserk Over Erotic Pictures Of Esha Gupta!

Miss India turned actress has recently uploaded some hot and nude pictures of herself on Instagram, which is gaining a lot of attention in every nook and corner of the internet!


Social media platforms are buzzed with pictures of Esha Gupta, which she has posted on Instagram recently. It is evoking a plethora of attention and every kind of emotion. Some are angry, some calling it a freedom of expression and some people are stunned to the level that they do not have an opinion. One thing is for sure that these pictures are gaining a myriad amount of attention and have sent the internet into a meltdown.



Current pictures of former Miss India turned actress Esha Gupta on Instagram captioned as ‘SAVAGE’, ‘Life is too short, laugh it out’, ‘Why Stop Now’,’Healthy Life’ and many others are the current hot topic of discussion on the internet. In one of her pictures, she is seen covering her bosoms with two halves of pomegranate and this picture is one which is raising eyebrows the most. We cannot even call these pictures skimpy clad, as they are not clad at all!


Also, her other pictures showing her entire bare back are too subjected to flak. Some Twitteratis are calling it hot and some are offended. Views are different and so are the responses! But one thing that has surfaced due to this act of the actress is that she does not give a damn about what people think of her and this fact is evident from her posts. She seems remarkably at ease in front of the camera in all her still snaps. Is Esha Gupta feeling too free as the Independence Day is approaching?

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