Firangi Movie Review: A Mediocre Film

Firangi: A Mediocre Film

The movie which set in the times during 1920 has one of the most loved television comedian, Kapil Sharma in the lead role. Here, he has played a man who is willing to go to any lengths to win over the love of his life. The movie has featured the time of pre-independence of India, where Britishers are busy planning and plotting with the ‘Maharajas’ to manipulate and fool innocent villagers. Here, Kapil Sharma is ‘Manga’ who is smitten by a girl portrayed by Ishita Dutta. During this, Manga gets a job of a policeman where his priority shifts from her lady-love to his job. Will his love-story get a successful end or not is the crux of the film mixed with some patriotic elements.


The movie has a major flaw with the lead actor of the film, Kapil Sharma. Since he is such a famous comedian, it is hard for the audience to watch him as ‘Manga’ and not as ‘Kapil Sharma the comedian’. His television image is so strong that it has overpowered the character of this movie. Another thing that did not work is Ishita Dutta. She has portrayed much of the emotions with her eyes but the script has not offered much to her.


Even after all this, there are some plus points in the film. The supporting casts have done wonders and have saved this film from completely derailing. To name a few, actors like Kumud Mishra, Neeta Mohindra and Rajesh Sharma are s mediocre level. Co good that they have eclipsed the major shortcomings of the flick. It is a strange ride which can be put at mediocre level. Having said that, the film is not complete downfall. There are few elements which evoke genuine laughs and will keep you seated. Can be given a chance!



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