‘A Gentleman’ Movie Review: Good on looks, failed to deliver


In a cinematic trash where ‘Raabta’ and ‘Half Girlfriend’ got decayed, the need has arrived where we have to make space for other waste called ‘A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky’. The title that should be given to the movie would have been better if called ‘unnecessary, useless, a sheer waste of money’. It is a disappointing to come to the terms with the fact that this film, directed by Raj and DK, who had given promising flicks like ‘Shor in the city‘ and ‘Go Goa Gone‘, has now given a ‘stinker’ in the form of this flick. Their last film which had Saif Ali Khan (Happy Ending) too was the cinematic equivalent of a toothache!

Talking about this film, the plot here is centered on Sidharth Malhotra, who played both the roles of Sundar Susheel and Risky. He is a ‘good-guy’ monikered ‘Gaurav’ who bought a big house and has replaced his vehicle with a family car. Also, he is wooing his pretty colleague ‘Kavya’ played by Jacqueline Fernandez. In the same space, he is also portraying a character of Rishi, who is an under cover agent and wants to get away from his melancholic honcho, played by Sunil Shetty. After these specifics are clear in the movie, the makers manage to displease everyone!

Locations from Mumbai to Miami are swanky and it appears like the budget which was allocated to develop a sensible script has been wasted to go to ‘expensive’ foreign locations. Sidharth has completely thrown himself at the action scenes and appears perfect, but does not able to deliver when it came to underplaying part. In case of seductress Jacqueline, she is so hammy that it looks like she is a cartoon character. Here, she is only good to give fitness goals. Hussain Dalal is the only one who has given some bright spots in the film as ‘Dixit’, whose name is continuously ‘twisted’ by the foreigners. By the time movie will get over, you will find yourself sleeping in your seat.

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