Haseena Parkar Review: Shraddha Kapoor Lacks The Experience To Play Such A Demanding Part!



Our audience needs an immense amount of meticulous detailing to suffer films like this! This flick had sky-high expectations but it failed to fulfil them. The question after watching this movie would really be “Why directors of Hindi cinema think that putting up a costume drama will make the film click?” This film, which revolved around infamous Mumbai gangster’s sister (Haseena Parkar), did not provide a determination or realism to the extent that the audience expected. The very first flaw with the film is that it tried hard to be a ‘court-room drama’ which clearly it was not. The lawyers were simply caricatures who looked like were appointed to court to insight ‘Haseena’ to puke her big crimes and not do their duties!

On the other hand, Haseena took the audience through so many flashbacks that it made viewers confused to decide who she really is! A victim, a loving wife or blood-thirsty revenge seeker. One scene which is the big daddy of disappointment in the movie is wherein the court there were talks about Mumbai blast case. People wanted to delve deeper and wanted to know whether Haseena was involved in it or not, but it was completely muted out in the flick.



Talking about performances, undoubtedly Shraddha Kapoor left no stone unturned to become Haseena Parkar, she even looked the part, but her inexperience is conspicuous on celluloid. While she looked the character, she lacked to be the part. Even her brother, Siddhant Kapoor fell flat to make himself convincing as Dawood Ibrahim. His looks and costume did most of the justice to his role. What can possibly happen to the movie where leads are deficit of conviction for the roles they portray?

Other casts too are simply average players as the film totally focused on Shraddha playing Haseena. So, all other characters appeared just cardboard caricatures, totally lacking authenticity. The only thing that can keep viewers invested are the songs and the ‘Bollywood’ angle in the film. The item track ‘Pia Aa’ and the romantic number ‘Tere Bina’ bought some relief from the sloppy writing. It can be a one-time watch but only if one does not expect much!

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