Here Is Why Rohit Shetty Calls His Own Directed ‘Golmaal Again’ A Crap!!


A filmmaker whose emblem is action amidst flying cars! He is fun-loving, successful and optimistic. Here I am talking about none other than director Rohit Shetty, whose ‘Golmaal’ franchise has reached to the fourth instalment. Since the trailers and songs of the flick are well received by cine-goers, here I spill the beans about director’s personal thoughts and about his upcoming flick ‘Golmaal Again’ from his recent interview with a media channel.

The first question that was put up to this happy-go-lucky director was how he manages to keep himself calm when things do not happen according to his plans while shooting. With a laugh and chirpy mood Rohit says that it happens to him every now and then so he is used to undesired problems and situations like rain and bad weather during shoots. While he answers the question, he points out to the crew members saying ‘look at them playing gully cricket, they do not really bother’ and opines that it is important to not to stop doing work rather than getting panic.

Rohit Shetty’s Set: source

During shoots of ‘Golmaal Again’, looking at his dramatic set a question was raised how does he manage to keep such a big unit motivated and how does he manage such large number of people. With a calm look and a gentle voice, this helmer says that he gets out of balance if he does not see innumerable people on sets. He adds on to say that if he shoots in a closed room with one or two casts, all apprehensions starts popping up in his mind. On the other hand, he is calm and at ease when he is surrounded by huge amount of people from cast and crew during film shoots.

In an interview this filmy head honcho was quoted saying that Golmaal 2 is a crap film, hearing such a big admission about his own film, he was enquired about what made him so courageous to admit his own weakness in the open. With a very frank and clear attitude, Rohit said that honesty is very important and as he has seen so much in cinema, he is not afraid to say that despite Golmaal 2 being a bad film, he was grateful to the audience that they received it and made it work! Phew! It really takes a lot to embrace and proclaim such unsaid truths openly, is it not guys? We are looking forward to the release of ‘Golmaal Again’ and wish Rohit Shetty with the best of our wishes!


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