Hitman’s Bodyguard Movie Review: One-Time Watch


Appears like this flick is answering a question which says ‘what if the dead pool would be always exhausted’? The story talks about Ryan Reynolds, who plummets from grace when one of his punters gets killed. After this incident, he disburses his quality and energy on shielding ‘rich brats’ who are totally maladjusted from their brains. His ex-girlfriend from INTERPOL engages his help to ensure that a maniac contract killer (portrayed by Samuel Jackson) goes to the Hague, so that she would be able to present him as a witness at ‘The International Court Of Justice’ against a character played by Gary Oldman, who is blamed to commit crimes against humanity.

Here in this film, the coolest protagonists are cast, so it is ‘a given’ that their pun and jest have to be the jolliest part of the film. On the negative side, the movie has orderless soundtracks and gun-firing, which does not make any sense.  Also, the most trained commandos of Europe, who failed to pull-off the minute task given to them, is also a disappointment! The flick has no pacing and sudden gaps after action-packed scenes have broken the consistency and meaning of the visuals. Despite witticism and excellent action choreography, the movie is not going to stay with you for long.

Salma Hayek looked amazing and that is the only thing that can be said about her role in the movie. The movie has ups and downs but it is an absolutely one-time fun watch!

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