‘Housefull 4’ Will Be Sajid Khan’s Next Film Project!

Sajid Khan is one of the topmost names in the Hindi film industry. He has films like ‘Hey Babyy’ and ‘Housefull’ as a director under his wing. In an interview with a leading channel, he dispelled his quirky and natural side which is no less than the revelation about his persona.He also talked about the flak he received from the media after his last releases flopped and what is the essential ingredient in comedy that people would like to watch in the contemporary cinema.

When enquired about his sudden disappearance from the media after his last release ‘Himmatwala’, the director said ‘I was ten kilos lighter on girth and hundred yarns lighter of mirth during those times’.He added that he had built up an animosity around himself during the promotions of “Himmatwala’ as he was being arrogant and was carried away by the success of his earlier flicks. After his film flopped at the ‘box office’, a realization hit him hard that people used to like him because of his ‘jolly and true’ spirit and not by the number of hit flicks he gave. So, he took a sabbatical from media to gather his true self!

In the same interview, he disclosed that ‘Housefull 4’ is going to be his next project and also told about his takeaways from his last flop flicks. He opines that slapstick comedies are not going to work now as people’s taste have changed. There should be a little ‘ignition of logic’ to the fire which is going to be presented as a movie.

Giving a vent about his fallout with actor Akshay Kumar, Sajid told that there was a little scuffle between him and the actor which got alright within two days and media exaggerated it and presented it like a ‘clash of Titans’.

We wish him all the best for his upcoming venture and wish that he will entertain us like he always did!

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