I Want To Be More Than A ‘Good-Looking’ Hero: Sidharth Malhotra

He is talented and has ‘killing-looks’!. He made his debut with ‘Student Of The Year‘ and people recognized his acting prowess. Now, he is one of the current heartthrobs of Bollywood and has a substantial fan following. Here, I give you a glimpse about what image he wants to carry as an actor and his anticipation about his upcoming movie ‘A Gentleman: Sundar Susheel Risky’!

Q) Whenever the name ‘Sidharth Malhotra’ is heard, people address him as a ‘good-looking’ guy! Of course, it is pleasing to be known as a ‘good-looking guy, but does he struggle to get out from that pigeon-holed persona as an actor?

A) The actor says that he is working hard to come out of that ‘single’ opinion that people think about him i.e. ‘good-looking guy’. He is trying hard to be much more than what he is labeled as.

Q) In all his previous movies, he has played almost one type of role, so is not he perpetuating his own image?

A) ‘Not really’ says the actor when asked this question. He adds that he agrees with the fact that most of his songs catered to his ‘stunning-looks’ but there are so much more in the movies he has done. He also says that he does not understand why people resonated only with the image of his song and dance part!

Q) Talking about his gyming sessions, is it always in his mind that at least one song in his film will feature his bare chest?

A) The actor laughs and says that it has now become a habit! Even while he reads a script, he just knows that there is going to be something in the movie which will show his abs!

Q) In his upcoming flick, (A Gentleman: Sundar Susheel Risky) he is playing an innocent and a dangerous guy! Who in real life the actor wants to be or is personally more like?

A) Here, actor replies by saying that looking at him, people would think that he is ‘susheel’ and quiet type of a guy! But in reality, he enjoyed playing the other part of the flick, where he is rough and tough. In real life, he wants to be a mix of both the aforementioned personalities.

Q) Sidharth has gone through tremendous training regime for action in this flick, what does he feel about it as his flick is a few days away from release?

A) Since he was a fan of action films during his childhood, he enjoyed being trained for action sequences as he imagined himself to be in the frames of ‘Indiana Jones’ series, while he played his part. The actor also emphasized that he has gone through tougher training in the flick ‘Brothers’, so gearing-up for stunts was not that hard for this flick!

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