Jia aur Jia Movie Review: An Outdated Film



Howard Rosemeyer is known for his choreography in Parineeta for ‘Kaisi Paheli’ but not for his directorial prowess. And with the release of his latest film Jia Aur Jia, it seems that his decision for dabbling in directorial stuff was not a good idea. The story which was clear from the trailers itself is about two girls with the same name but as different in personalities as it can get. The movie appears naive and would have worked if it would have released few years back.


Kalki Koechlin and Rucha Chaddha both are talented actors but here in this flick, their acting skills have wasted due to poor script. Post interval the story becomes utterly predictable and has all the clichés that one could think about. More than Kalki, Richa has become hammy and this kind of performance was not expected from her. But clearly it is not her fault, she has been given a part that did not belong to her.


Costume and Make-up department too are low here. Everywhere the girls are looking like bohemian chic as so much colourful clothes they are wearing. This will definitely make you cringe.Keep your brains at home if you are planning to watch this movie!

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