Kaalakaandi Movie Review: Live Life King Size Is The Crux Of The Movie!

Live Life King Size Is The Crux Of Kaalakaandi


This movie is about a man who becomes free-spirited only after he comes to know that he just has few days to live. This part is played by Saif Ali Khan. He plays Raeleen, a banker by profession who does not smoke or drink and even after this, he comes to know that his ‘good-health and habits’ did not pay him in return as they did not guarantee him a long life. After coming to terms with this fact, with this news, he breaks all shackles and decides to live his leftover days to fullest. This decision takes him to the night which is full of every possible emotion. Be it the tragedy, wilderness, comedy or sadness.


Near death makes Raeleen learn about the fun that different situations like chaos and color life offer. Other actors in the film are also important as they shaped up the flick beautifully with the parts they played. Akshay Oberoi makes his character palpable as he played the part of ‘confused brother’ with the right amount of twists and turns. Shobhita Dhulipala as a young and ambitious girl is terrific too. In this movie, three disconnected stories are showed simultaneously and director Akshat Verma has knit the movie so well that there is not even a glimpse of confusion.


The part played by Deepak Dobriyal and Vijay Raaz as low-level mafias will evoke genuine emotions. Both these actors are known for powerhouse performances and in this flick too they did not leave any stone unturned to elevate the film several notches higher. The director of the film (Akshat Verma) has a keen eye for mischiefs and ridiculous stuff which is evident from this movie. The flick has Laugh Out Loud moments so strong that it is definitely going to make you restless by laughing. One would start savoring life after watching this movie. Do watch!

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