Kangana Ranaut is a girl whom no one can ‘rattle’. Here’s Why…

People have different opinions about actress Kangana Ranaut but one thing unanimous about her is that she is ‘a confident female’. Kangana Ranaut is always called spade a spade and has never been shied away from expressing herself. In an interview with a leading channel, she dispelled some of the things that are going to really touch you and evoke every kind of emotions!

After her movie ‘Rangoon’ had released, none of her movies have come out yet but much has happened in her life after that. Is it that contentions just runs after her, when she was asked this question, the actress said that it has been quite a long time that her life seems to be slipping out of her hands. Everything is happening at such a fast pace including positives and the negatives that she feels frenzied at the moment! She calls herself ‘the egoistic monster who has rubbed everyone the wrong way’ and goes on to say that she is not afraid of anyone, be it any normal person or any ‘big gun’ of the film industry!

Further talking to the media, when she was enquired about the reason why is she quoted as making people from movie industry insecure, the actress firmly proclaimed that she does not know what it is that is making ‘powerful’ biggies of Bollywood industry the way they are. Are they insecure, scared or indifferent, she has no idea about how actually they are feeling about her. Having said that, she emphasizes that she feels absolutely uncomfortable around people who have problems with her. Also, she proudly says ‘I have alienated those people from film industry whom I wanted to’.

She was also asked about the way she felt when females from film industry did not come to support her, to this she told the media that actors are always in a very vulnerable position and the ones with whom her fall out happened were really big people. So why would anyone harm their bread and butter by coming out and supporting her?

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