‘I Killed Her Because She Did Not Reciprocate To Love’: Karan Johar


‘The ubiquitous man who is everywhere’. He is behind the camera, in front of the camera,in magazines etc. He is a proud father today. At 45, what he feels for himself, let us know through these answers!

Q) A man who dons many hats like fashion designer, director, producer, actor etc. In his head, what is his identity?

A) When asked about this, he laughs and says this question makes him feel like ‘jack of all trades and master of none’!.On a serious note, he says that he is inherently a passionate film-maker and that is what really defines him.

Q) What has been the most satisfying experience for him creatively?

A)  Ask him this and he immediately says ‘My Name Is Khan’. He also tells us that ‘directorially’ it is a flawed film and fifteen minutes of that film was very badly executed. The extent to which that flick was recognized and loved was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for him.

Q) Whom does he consider the best actor working in Hindi Cinema today?

A) ‘Undoubtedly Ranbir Kapoor’ are the words that came out from Johar’s mouth as soon as he was asked this question! He says that he does not have words to explain Ranbir’s talent and he just loves him as an actor.

Q) Most people hated the ending of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’! What made him getting Anushka succumb to cancer in the flick?

A) The director gave the funniest answer to this question quoting ‘Anushka did not love the guy in the flick and so I killed her’. He justified this by telling that he hates unrequited love and so he literally ‘killed’ the girl who did not reciprocate to the love of the guy.

Q)  After he completes his one film project, at what time he gets the idea to start off with the other?

A) Karan answers this question by saying that it is really bizarre that he never knows when to start the work on the other project after one gets over. He also emphasizes on the fact that no matter what he makes, he will make sure that it gets commercially successful.

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