‘Look What You Made Her Do’- Taylor Swift Music Video Hidden Sprinkled References

“I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined..” AND IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY SINGING IT ALONG, THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

I am sorry, what? You are saying you are clueless about what I just did there? You have no idea what that line just meant? Oh. Okay. It’s okay. I have got it covered for you. Go watch Taylor Swift’s music video of “Look what you made me do”

Okay, so now here comes the fun part. The hunt for the Easter eggs and well I can already see you grin.

The video is a vicious meditation of the various recapitulations of TS, that we all have seen over the years, and the snake motive and overall theme of the video is “The old Taylor is dead!” The whole video is sprinkled with a number of more subtle references both of her infamous celebrity former flames and past reputations.

Didn’t you know all this until now? And missed all of this the very first time around? Well, we have got your back and this time we are here to point out all the references from the video. Here comes the gossip list :

1. Lucky 13


The very beginning of the video starts with the headstones spelling out TS, for Taylor Swift and well look closely. It also says 13, spelling out her lucky number as well. Smart move there!

2. Sipping tea


This one is a killer: TS sits atop the throne as dozens of snakes slither around her feet. One serves her what we assume is piping hot tea, the exact same kind that Kim Kardashian dished out when she released Swift’s audio, who publicly disputed West’s lyric about her in Famous, appearing to sign off on those same lyrics in a phone conversation with West. Afterwards, Swift’s reputation took off and Kardashian helped further that image by tweeting a bunch of snake emoticons on international snake day (what timing wow). Almost a year later now, it seems Swift’s ready to embrace the title: ahead of the single’s release, she dropped cryptic reptilian teaser videos. And now, the snake has finally shed her skin.

3. $1 Bill


The shot of Taylor to bathe in a bathtub of jewels but not money- but fathering a single dollar bill amid the sparkling baubles, was a very calculated one. It symbolizes the $1 she sought during her case against former radio DJ David who she allegedly groped her.

Swift claimed that she only asked for $1 because “single value of which is immeasurable to all women in this situation,” meaning that the incident is something that affects all women and they all have the power to be able to stand up for it and say that it’s wrong.

4. Don’t like your titled stage

Image result for west tilted stage

“I don’t like your little games // Don’t like your tilted stage // The role you made me play the fool,”

The lyrics very evidently refer to the shifting elevated stage Kanye West performed on in 2016 during Saint Pablo Tour.

Having to “play the fool” is a wicked hidden reference directed to West and Kim Kardashian, for releasing conversation between the two of them (this is where Taylor approved the sentiments behind West’s song and later disapproving it)

5. Roar like Perry


While getting into the car crash Taylor is driving a gold luxury sports car down a dead-end street, which is referring to her album, Red which failed to grab the Album of the Year at the Grammys 2014. Car doors opening to the flashlights of the Paparazzi and showing Swift’s angular bangs hairstyle and flashy to the eyes style of dress; strike a very pointed resemblance to her longtime antagonist Katy Perry. She also makes it all worth noticing by wearing a leopard print coat and having a leopard in the front seat of the car, referring to “Katy Cats” (Perry’s fans)

The reference may suggest that she’s still thinking about her loss in 2014, but knowing her wicked schemes it may also be a great dig at Perry, who has never won a Grammy despite multiple nominations.

6. I *heart* TS


This next still is pretty much Beyonce like, but that is not the hidden reference. The real gem is the “I Heart TS” t-shirts. Tom Hiddleston, one of Swift’s ex-boyfriends (alleged), was seen in a similar shirt when on the beaches of Rhode Island with Swift. All of this seems to suggest that Taylor only wants to surround herself with people who are ready with such commitments and can show their love for her, on their t-shirts. The fact that you think she does that.

7. Standing above it all

As we come to the end of the video, Swift can be seen standing before a bunch of Taloy Swifts: the head over heels in love high- schooler from You belong with me, the White Swan from Shake it off, the top heat wearing Taylor from Red, the guitar strumming country music lover, and the ringlet adorned too. They all claw at her feet, aching to be resuscitated. But Taylor Swift 2.0 wearing a black shirt that says’ Rep’ declares the old Taylor “dead” and banishes them all.

8. Let’s not forget the friends

“You belong with me” persona looks identical to the one released in 2008, only now she is wearing the t-shirt that is covered with doodles of signatures of her various celebrities pal. The list goes on from Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Ed Sheeran, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt; but well isn’t just limited to these.


9. The finale

Here comes the finale: 15 Different Taylor Swift personas ranging from the Zombie Swift and White Swan, 2009 VMA’S Taylor to the current angry wearing black Reputation Taylor; standing in a line-up and finally the VMA’s Taylor announcing she would “ very much like to be excluded from this narrative”

And with that- as the old Taylors expire and a new one is evolved – the narrative lives to see a new day.


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