There Are Many Problems In Hindi Film Industry: Arjun Rampal

He is the actor who proved that if he chooses, he can deliver an acting performance.He is more than just a charmer and a handsome hunk and his look in his upcoming flick (Daddy) bears testament to this statement. Here, through these questions, he dispels some gibbering things about himself and his yet-to-be release film.

Q) What is the reason behind his transformation into Arun Gawli (a gangster played by him in the movie)?

A) When enquired about his look in the movie, he said that he lost about 11 kgs and then, to get the typical look of the nose, the team hired an artist from Italy who gave the needed appearance to him.

Q) Since biopics are tricky when it comes to gangsters, how does one play such an intricate character without making it glorifying it in any sense?

A) Arjun Rampal says that when such a character is at hand to play, one should always go through point of views of different people. For instance, a cop has a different perspective about a gangster than a common man. So he went and interacted with different people to get different point of views about ‘Varun Gawli’. He took perceptions from rival group, family, friends etc.

Q) How does an actor feel when he plays a gangster, specially when that very gangster is still alive?

A) ‘The feeling was excitement!’, this is how he puts it. The actor also said that at the time he was playing that character, he did not feel any burden but when he watched the movie, he realized that he portrayed someone’s life on-screen.

Q) As a producer, what according to him is the biggest challenge in Hindi film industry today?

A) Arjun replied that there are many problems in Hindi cinema like budget, unavailability of good scripts and most importantly a rhythm that a director should have with his/her film.

These are some of the areas of film and film-making that Hindi cinema should improve.

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