Missing Movie Review: An Unintentional Comedy!

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Motions of mystery are just not made for the actors in the film. The three actors Manoj Bajpayee, Tabu and Anu Kapoor had taken a role which does not suit them from any angle in this flick. The role that Anu Kapoor has played in the film is ‘Budu’ who is the detective in the film. One thing that stands out in the movie as a fascinating exercise in foolishness is that when he utters the dialogue ‘don’t you tell me that you don’t know anything about the usage of the condom’. This dialogue is utterly exhausting and will definitely make the audience cringe. He throws these dialogues on Sushant, who is a marriage executive played by actor Manoj Bajpayee. At some places, his character is slightly funny as Sushant is a guy who is just incapable of having a conversation with women without coming on to them! That is the only thing actor Manoj Bajpayee has managed to pull off successfully in this movie.

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The female role is played by Tabu who is Aparna, a mother dealing with the trauma of losing her three-year-old child. The director of the movie, Abhishek Jawkar in an interview proclaimed that through this movie he has given a tribute to renowned movie maker Hitchcock. This movie cannot handle such statement! You will witness some plot twists but the characters are so badly written that they appear utterly nonsense on-screen. Even after its so many shortcomings, there is a small stuff which will evoke some genuine laughs and that are the scenes where ‘Budu’ breaks into French! The visuals are stunning to watch but the scenes are entirely different from the grim narrative of the movie. This makes the film weaker.

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A little hope splashes when Tabu appears and lights up the screen with her impeccable acting skills in the second half. Unfortunately, that also vanishes within the blink of an eye. Despite the actors trying hard to bring some heft in the movie with their acting skills, the movie disbalances and finally sinks like a stone. It is an unintentional comedy!

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