‘Mom’ Movie Review

‘Mom’ Movie Review


When the trailer of this movie came out, it appeared little similar to recent women empowerment releases like “Maatr” and “Begum Jaan ”. The trailer already suggested “mother” is going to have an intense role in this flick called “Mom”. Sri Devi played “Devaki”, a schoolteacher who is married to a businessman (played by Adnan Siddiqui) and their two daughters also played a significant role in the movie.  The elder one is the emphasis of the movie who gets violated by four perpetrators whom “Devaki” punishes taking the matter into her own hands. She is helped by a man named “Daya Shankar Kapoor” played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui with aplomb. He is such a great actor and changes himself like a chameleon.

The flick offers plot twist and successfully intrigues the thrill quotient. The aerial shot of SUV which we see roaming in the dark night is one of those scenes which made mouth dried and suggested about the heinous crime that took place. On the other hand, the role played by Akshay Khanna as a cop is little underwritten considering the potential of his acting, but he managed to pull it off with finesse.


The audience does not need to think much where the story is going as it unfolds in a simplistic manner and predictability. The ease by which “Devaki” gets success in her plans looked unreal and even implausible at times, but her acting prowess camouflages these little bumps. The movie is highly a Sri Devi show and the way she managed to hide the holes in the script is praiseworthy. She is the real treasure of the flick and she lights up the screen with her smile and commands viewers’ to cry with her wherever she is full of angst.

The other actors are too in good form, particularly “Sajal Ali” who portrayed her role as a brat teenager and Devaki’s daughter with finesse. The best thing about this movie is that despite being full of emotions, there is no hammy scene not even one. The movie is worth a watch. Do give it a chance.

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