Mukkabaaz Movie Review: Worth Your Time and Money

This is the movie for 2018 which has set the benchmark for hard work for the other actors. It is because the work done by the protagonist, Vineet Kumar in this film is of such high level that it is putting question marks whether will any other actor would be able to give such a performance in their flicks or not! The transformation of the body of the actor into a boxer is remarkable but the greater impact is made by the external transformation which Vineet displayed with finesse. There is nothing like performance in this film because the performance given by Vineet in this film has transcended the boundaries so much that the movie is appearing to be a true saga,


There is not a tad bit of doubt that the protagonist is going to give his everything to boxing. The problem here is that there is another thing that Shravan (the main lead of the film) has the passion for, which is no less than his love for boxing and that is his lady love Sunaina, portrayed by Zoya Hussain. This love story is not going to be a smooth ride and this fact was quickly grasped by the audiences when we were informed that she is the niece of the most powerful man of Bareilly in the boxing world, Bhagavan Das Mishra, here played by Jimmy Shergil. His hatred for Shravan and Sunaina is palpable. The movie also threw light on the corrupt practices in Indian sports and caste system which supports such unfair happenings. Also, it corrodes the faces of powerful people who creates mayhem and chaos in the name of religion.


The film is both the story of the underdog in sports arena and love-story which has considerable appeal. The length of the movie is the little bit long but the impactful dialogues and performances eclipse this minor problem. Ravi Kishan is also marvellous in its small part as Shravan’s coach and will demand your attention. The movie is entertaining and worth your time.

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