My Birthday Song Movie Review: An Impressive Take By Sanjay Suri

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My Birthday Song is a movie which appears like it is the worst nightmare of all the men who are engaging themselves in infidelity. It is a curious saga of desire and the fine one might pay to fall for something which is forbidden. Do it a story which has a moral lesson along with equally being a thriller flick. The movie opens where a classy birthday party of advertising virtuoso is taking place, wherein he has just entered his 40s. This role is played by Sanjay Suri by the name Rajiv Call in the film. Here in the film, a mysterious and inexplicable gorgeous woman (played by Norah Fatehi) is present in the party with other merry-maker. Rajiv falls for her and as his wife is away, he grabs the chance fully to give a result to his intentions with this lady.

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When these to move into the bedroom, the aura takes a tragic turn. The day after, things seem to remain in place and there is not a single sign if anything which had happened the night before. But this makes Rajiv perplexed. He wonders if it was a bad dream may be. Another layer comes up when the same stuff takes place again. He meets that lady again and a tragic incident takes place. This flick helmed by actor Samir Soni, this movie has several twists which keep viewers invested until the end. The script is attractive as it has ingredients of infidelity, guilt and the consequences for one’s actions.

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Just when the story of the flick appears to be clear, another layer and secret get added up which increases the excitement level. Even after this, the treatment of the film has played wrongly due to which the stiffness of the film did not remain intact. The acting is also not up to the mark at many places. Having said that, the film is still not bad. The script of the movie has bold leaps which are impressive.The film is 95 minutes long but energetic throughout. It kept the viewers guessing until its end finally delivered the revelation. It is not a film with perfection, but it contains enough material to give a chance!

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